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    Poor DVD Quality

    fwhilton Level 1


      I created a MP2 video in Premiere Pro CS6 at 1280x768 (4:3)

      I import into Encore CS6

      I set the DVD to 9 mbps and check the option to render at highest quality...


      However, after building the project onto the DVD, then playing it back from the DVD...

      The quality is poor (with jaggies etc)


      I tried every setting I could find.


      Yet, if I create the MP2 video onto a DVD using Corel DVD Factory... the quality is great!!


      So, how is it that a small software such as Corel can give better quality then Encore??


      Am I missing something?



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          cfg_2451 Level 2

          The DVD spec limits resolution to 720 x 576 (PAL), 720 x 480 (NTSC). Encore therefore had to transcode your footage (downconvert) to meet the DVD spec when it rendered the disc. Unless you had Encore set to use AME as it's rendering engine, Encore transcoded internally. There's not a lot of respect out there for Encore's internal transcoding.


          That coupled with the small bit rate that DVD's are allowed by the DVD specification could account for the "jaggies" you are seeing.



          fwhilton wrote:


          Yet, if I create the MP2 video onto a DVD using Corel DVD Factory... the quality is great!!


          So, how is it that a small software such as Corel can give better quality then Encore??


          Am I missing something?


          This again points default transcoding from Encore. Either transcode to the correct DVD settings directly out of PPro using AME, or set Encore to use AME when transcoding. Results of this workflow should meet or exceed what you get from Corel.


          Just to save you from looking that up, in Encore that's Edit...Preferences...General, and check the tickbox for "Transcode assets using Adobe Media Encoder application".

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Export from PPro as MPEG2 DVD, which gives separate video and audio files to import in Encore for authoring

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              fwhilton Level 1

              Thanks all....

              ahh... that makes sense.

              I will give this a try and let you know.

              May not be for a couple of days


              THANKS A LOT!!


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                fwhilton Level 1

                Well... using AME to transcode didn't work.





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                  SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

                  Where did you get a 1280x768 source file? That is not standard video sizing and could be the root of your issue. What is the video source/specs? Sequence preset used in Premiere for editing? A 720p source would be 1280x720.





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                    fwhilton Level 1

                    I created the video in PPro CS6 at 1290 x 768. (custom settin)

                    Which is 4:3 as well.


                    1280x720 is not 4:3 ratio, so I used custom settings



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                      SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

                      Can you elaborate of the source of the video content, and why you chose that odd sizing? Helps us to help you if we understand the process





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                        fwhilton Level 1

                        Oops... sorry, I created the video at 1024x768

                        I created the the video for a projector screen that is 4:3 in size. It's very large in an auditorium.


                        I was thinking that making the original video in PPRO at a larger size would give me better quailty.

                        No actual video footage was used, just images and particle system from AfterEffects. It was more-less a video slideshow.


                        Because all the larger presets in PPRo were the longer landscape screens, I tried to figure how big a 4:3 would be with a width of 1024.

                        So, I used the custom deminsions in Premiere.


                        So, in Encore the only DVD setting I had was 720x480, but the actual projector screen would of been 720x540 (4:3 ratio)


                        A 720x480 would not been the correct fit. That size is not an exact 4:3 square, but a little wider than a 4:3


                        The Corel DVD Factory adjusted perfectly fine, it's Encore that couldn't resize it with a good quality.




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                          I am experiencing the EXACT same issue with quality with a few exceptions:


                          • Sequences were imported from Premiere Pro CS6 projects to author a DVD.
                          • The quality in the monitor was horrific, and the output was equally bad. The entire video looked like it had rolling shutter. Yes, AME was set as the rendering engine.
                          • My next step in the troubleshooting process was to export my videos from PPro @ 1920 x 1080 using both h.264 and Quicktime presets at the highest quality. Note, please don't tell me you don't need to pre-render in PPro because I left the rendering to the software and there was a discernable difference in the quality when I did not render manually! Not only did I need to render each sequence, but after creating one separate sequence with the 6 smaller sequences and that sequence needed rendering too. Thanks for wasting another 4 hours of my time Adobe.
                          • The new video files were imported and I manually set my chapter markers and poster frames.
                          • Menus were customized in Photoshop CS6. To give you an idea of the difference in the quality of the output here's an example:

                          1-PS Screen Cap.jpg 2-Video Screen Cap.jpg

                          • These images were captured from my Apple 27" Cinema Display. The first image is a screen cap of the PS doc full screen, The next image is a screen cap of the DVD output full screen. Notice a difference? Yeah, me too, so it's not just me, is it? On a 40" HDTV the DVD looks like a second grader produced it.
                          • Also, I tried using every Quality Preset, outputting the file to a disk image and appending a numerical suffix for each setting to differentiate between all.


                          What's particularly distressing is that I can play the video file on an iMac, stream it to my 40" Samsung via Apple TV and it looks flawless, crystal clear and incredibly sharp. I'm by no means an expert, but I'm far from a noob.


                          I DID NOT export the videos as MPEG2 DVD files because in my mind that would not affect the quality of the menus I created in Photoshop. A PS doc is a PS doc is a PS doc. There should be no discernable difference.


                          FOR THE GROUP - What do I need to do to produce a DVD that looks as sharp as when I play my video on my cinema display or stream it via Air Play?



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                            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

                            Hi Steve,


                            So it appears that the source video is 1920x1080, right? What resolution was the PS menu created at? DVD is always 720x480, so if you are comparing an HD source menu (and source video) to the resulting DVD, it is never going to match due to far less resolution, HD vs. SD.


                            There is no reason to export from Premiere as anything other than "MPEG-2 for DVD" when working towards a DVD. Exporting to other codecs is just taking additional time and adding more compression to the workflow. Anything going into Encore that is not 720x480 MPEG-2 for DVD will be transcoded again  In Encore anyway.


                            Can you provide a screen grab of the AME Export settings, if you had at some point exported to "MPEG-2 for DVD". Not interested in seeing H.264 or QuickTime settings, as they do not apply to the workflow.




                            Jeff Pulera

                            Safe Harbor Computers

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                              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              I agree with Jeff. I'll add that the "poor" image in the side by side comparison looks VERY good, considering that it is DVD sized being put onto a 40" and presumably at least 1920x1080 pixel screen. (It is DVD size?)


                              Export video once at DVD size, and create menus at the correct size so Encore won't mess with them any more than necessary. Use an upscaling player to maximize quality of a DVD on an HD TV.


                              If you are really looking for nice output on a large monitor or TV, stick with bluray.

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                                Steve_Knepp Level 1

                                Thanks Jeff, but after 11 hours of producing one 66 minute and one 12 minute MPEG2 DVD files. NOTHING HAS CHANGED! The resulting output in Encore is like, as I said previously, a rolling shutter type of video image.


                                I'm grateful for your suggestions and I'm not mad at you, I'm very frustrated with this program.


                                Here are the settings:




                                I do not believe the issue is the encoding of the output file. I opened the MPEG2 DVD file in VLC Media Player and although I could see the difference between this and the MP4 or MOV output, it is superior to the image produced by Encore.

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                                  Steve_Knepp Level 1

                                  Most of the people I want to see the video do not use the internet and do not have Bluray players, If their equipment is not at least as good as mine the image will be far worse. Thank you, I appreciate the prompt feedback.

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                                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    Your source is 25fps, suggesting PAL. You are exporting as NTSC, with some of the settings unclear. For example, the output shows only "auto fps." What is your encore project? PAL or NTSC?


                                    Is Encore showing your imports as "do not transcode"?

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                                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      Sequence settings are 1920x1080 25 frames that is PALHD in widescreen. PAR1.0

                                      Export settings are 720x480 which is NTSC with a PAL framerate and a PAR of 1.0? which should be 1.2

                                      That will defenitly give a bad result.

                                      Dont use Match Source Attrubutes when the output is going to be diffrent then the input.

                                      Use a preset or set everything manually.

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                                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                                        Another thing to consider is that you should be recreating your menus in Photoshop at the correct size, don't leave that scaling to Encore.

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                                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          I usually start in Encore with a blanc menu (sometimes with a button I like to modify) and bring that into Photoshop.

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                                            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant



                                            Let's back up a few steps and reboot here. You have given three different starting resolutions for your material - 1280x768, 1290x768, and 1024x768, apparently the latter being correct, right? You stated that you wanted the video to be a 4:3 aspect ratio, but then you said you exported as 1920x1080, which is of course 16:9 widescreen, AND you are "upconverting" the footage then, which would result in quality loss. Then there is the 25fps (PAL) versus the NTSC export setting.


                                            So let me ask, what country are you located in? What frame rate did you use the original editing sequence in Premiere, and can you post a shot of the Project Settings? This is getting very convoluted.


                                            Thank you


                                            Jeff Pulera

                                            Safe Harbor Computers

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                                              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                              There are two threads (topic starters) here which makes it a bit unclear.