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    Premeire CS6 & photoshop "codec not found" bug fix


      I recently started using  premiere cs6 & found that if i import layerd photoshop file as a sequence save it & close the application. File does not reopen. i searched sevrel forum but did not found any satifactory solution.


      I did dicovered a workaround. check steps below:

      1. Import photoshop file as sequence

      2. open sequence with all the layers-> Copy all the layers

      3. Make a new sequence & choose appropriate preset ie resoluton & codec of project

      4. paste all the layers in new sequence.

      5. MAKE SURE you delete photoshop sequence that was made when importing .psd


      It will work---


      I have made a video if you dont understand the steps


      premeire cs6 & photoshop codec not found bug fix from kamaljeet on Vimeo.





      Premeire CS6 & photoshop "codec not found" bug fix