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    xml gallery

      dear flash gurus,i will greatly appreciate any help u can give me with this issue.I'm a new flash user and I would like to understand how the xml flash gallery shown at www.savdesign.com was made.thank u very much.
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          Yeah xml was such a pisser for me to learn. but now i would never think of making a site without it. I dont want to overwhelm you you said you are new so i'll give you a sample and some basic pointers. First, you gotta be comfortable with object oriented ActionScript for it to make ANY sense. Know what it is to instantiate a class, call its methods, etc. Also, you're going to need to do some loops and conditions to work with incoming XML data. so know how to write functions that do that.

          sorry its not what you wanted, but here's a basic example:

          create a text file with this in it:

          and save it as "example.xml"
          then put this code on a keyframe and save the fla next to the xml file. then compile it in flash:

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            samuel_ezeji Level 1
            thanks a lot for ur prompt reply and ur eagerness to help.i've spent a few days since i downloaded the free version of this gallery trying to understand as much of it(xml and actionscript)as i can.i wish he would include the fla with purchase.anyhow,if u could show me an example of something like that gallery where the thumbnails load and are subsequently used to load bigger images on top of those thumbnails,i would really really really appreciate it.thanks.
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              I found another flash/xml image gallery with those same functionalities. Not as nice visually, but you could add your own interface, since they do include the FLA.


              good luck.
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                I have been having same problem with other FLA file. I did try youre xml file and AS code… It did not work, it did not trace anything on the end result. Same problem with my other file. It just wont load any data. Files are together and I am using Flash 8 Pro. I have review the code on both files. I am at a dead end here. Please Help.

                p.s. I have a decent grasp of AS 2.0