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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 loading and playing back slowly


      Hi there,


      Please help.


      We  have recently purchsed a high end Windows based PC to fit into our current MAC environment.

      We are an editing company running Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and have hit a brick wall.

      When playing back footage on Premiere Pro, there is a serious timline lag compared to the MAC, which scrubs through and plays back perfectly in real time.

      Also all projects take significantly longer to open on the PC compared to the MAC. One particular project file which is over 250 mb takes over half an hour to load.

      Even smaller projects take minutes to load. The main PPro interface shows up but says it is loading media.


      We were using Apple MPEG XDCAM, but found that it laged too much. We've converted all the footage to Apple ProRes and found that this worked slightly better, however this still lags.


      We have 3 MACs and a PC all trafficking HD footage from a central NAS server. All the MACs work and process Premiere data the way its intended.

      Yet the PC still cant keep up.



      Windows 7, 64 Bit Professional

        i7 3960x 6 core

      64 gig RAM

      Nvidia Quadro k5000

      Blackmagic Intensity pro output card

      NAS server 10gig switch.



      Disabling the hardware

      booting the project off internal drive.

      changing codecs

        disabling windows firewall


      The same PC created projects open instantly and play back fine on the MAC.


      I have noticed that rendering the sequence does make clips playback perfectly in real time, however with the high spec PC we own, playback shouldn't be an issue. We have cuda sequences that our graphics card can't playback in realtime despite rendering with cuda acceleration


      The clips we're using are Apple prores at 35mbs full HD.


      My hope is that there is a simple solution, such as a power option or a cache option.


      This has really stumped us and is potentially forcing us to cut our losses and buy this new iMAC which we really want to avoid.


      Any help you can give us will be appreciated.


      Kind regards,


      And thanks in advance