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    Merged Project links

      Good morning

      I have a perplexing and frustrating problem.

      I have a merged project created in X5 with links to other files within the projects. These work perfectly well when I test the compiled project on my local drive. As soon as I transfer onto our intranet (which is just another structure within Windows Explorer) the links don't work. The links appear with all files in lower case whereas the files in Webhelp are in Upper and Lower case. The only workaround I can find is to put the url for each file into the project to make it work - a real nuisance.

      Can anyone help with this please?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          My guess is that the intranet server is Unix based where filenames are case sensitive. A link such as target.htm will not find a file named Target.htm.

          When you generate the help, there is a check box on the first page of the wizard to use lower case filenames. That will output the files as lowercase and it will also convert any links to lowercase with one important proviso, it will change the links only if they are to topics in the same project. Any cross project links will not be changed to lowercase so they will still be broken.

          How did the links all get to be lowercase as RH would have created them with the same case as the target file?

          The safest solution of all is to change all your filenames to lowercase. If the problem were that the filenames were lowercase but the links were mixed, then regular expressions could be used to fix that but if you are not familiar with them, it's quite a step to learn about them and only justified if you have thousands of links but that is not an option for fixing the filenames.

          The file renaming must be done within the project and you will need to change them in two stages to add to the job! Change target.htm to Target.htm and it will not work. You have to change a character so target.htm changes to 1target.htm and then to Target.htm.

          No doubt questions will fall out of this so do come back with them.

          There's some stuff on my site about merged projects. Look in particular at the bit about mergedProjects (note the capital P). That has a dropdown which gives information about that problem which is quite similar.

          I guess that's your evenings and weekends gone for while!

          I don't suppose a Windows based intranet server is an option?