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    QTP10 unable to recognize Video player embedded in IE browser

    Adobe Flex with QTP

      Hi ,


      can u plz help me on my query. I am currently working on a web based project , which has a a web page with a video player embedded in it. I am using QTP 11, 10 and IE8 browser for my test. If i right click on the video player, it does show me the Adobe Flash Player 11 version details. So i assumed that to test such a video on web page, i would be needing Flex 4 plugin for QTP automation. I did install it and see it in my QTP add-in manager. Now when i spy the video player\file on the webpage, it considers it as a Webelement. Plz suggest what may have been wrong from my end. I ahve ensured i have all teh latest softwares required for test, Adobe Flash player 11, Flex add-in and Adobe Shockwave software and Adobe ActiveX etc.. Still no luck. thanks-Milind