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    importer plugin


      we have written an importer plugin for premiere using CS3 SDK.

      Now we are converting it to be compatible with CS6.

      Done with the changes, But there is problem i am facing.


      I am getting scale as 1000 instead of 25 , in case PAL i.e frame rate 25 , in imImportImageRec struct in imImportImage callback.

      I checked this in imGetPrefs8 callback and imGetInfo8 callback , they were just fine i.e scale was 25 and sample size was 1.


      Implication of this is that the pos param in imImportImageRec received for each frame jumps by 40 rather than a jump of 1 per frame.

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          Rallymax-forum Level 3

          I don't know if this is related but from CS4 to CS5 the timescale went from FPS to TicksPerSecond. 1000 might be the ticks per second of 25fps.




          // --------------------------
          // Frame rate
            // CS4 is in FPS
            case kPrParamType_Float64:
             lRec->frameRateTicks = (PrTime)(lRec->ticksPerSecond / lRec->seqFrameRate.mFloat64);
            // CS5 is in Ticks
            case kPrParamType_Int64:
             lRec->frameRateTicks = lRec->seqFrameRate.mInt64;
             // Should be impossible


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            Zac Lam Adobe Employee

            Hi jk1m2,


            Does the scale / sampleSize still equal 25?  The scale / sampleSize ratio is the important thing.  What is sampleSize?


            If it is incorrect, may I ask, is your importer a synthetic importer that generates footage, or does it import file-based media from disk?

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              jk1m2 Level 1

              yes scale/samplesize is 25, Also it is a synthetic importer..

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                Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                Great, so if you take the ratio of 25 rather than expecting the original values of 25 and 1, you should be all set.  Let us know if otherwise.

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                  jk1m2 Level 1

                  yes..but i cant fix it to 25 as it should change according to the format i.e PAL, NTSC etc.

                  there must be some wrong input which leads to this wrong value, which needs to be corrected.

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                    Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                    If your footage needs to follow some timing based on frame rate, you can set:

                    imImportInfoRec->canDoContinuousTime = kPrFalse;

                    This will ensure that your scale/sampleSize settings in imGetInfo8 will persist to imImportImage.