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    swf file won't play back!

      I hope I am posting this in the right place! (This only happened when I did my first file with actionscript....)

      I am VERY new at using Flash. I have done a few and published them with no problems. The last one I did the only thing different is I used actionscript 2.0. I can view the fla file fine. But when I try to send the swf file to someone else, she can't open it. She also tried to post it on her website and it still wouldn't work. Its just a blank screen.

      I created 4 different swf files in another program, then used the following code to put them into one flash document, only chaning the 1.swf to the appropriate file names, of course):

      createEmptyMovieClip("text", 0);
      text._x = 0;
      text._y = 0;

      Is this where my problem is?

      Thanks for any help!!