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    Changing sequence settings after nested edit


      I have a fairly lengthy edit of 1 hour 25 mins involving about 1500 edits.


      I had 8 cameras, 6 x 422XDCAM 1 x Canon 5D and 1 x Red Epic.  For ease of use and data rate I transcoded all the footage to 720x576 proxies, sync all the cameras with timecode,creating a sequence i have called "Sync" and placed them into a 1920x1080 sequence (scaled to frame size) to be able to cut multicam - naming this sequence "Main edit"


      All very good so far.


      My problem is that I have now replaced the proxy footage with the HD footage, but I am still referening the 720x576 ("sync") sequence in the multicam and no matter what I do I cannot get full res 1920 playout.


      I have copied the edited sequence "Main edit" and pasted into a new sequence, but everything keeps referencing back to the 720x576 "sync" sequence.  I have even tried exporting an edl from the main sequence and renamed the reference file in it to a new HD sequence I have created called synchd but to no avail. It imports fine in to premiere but as it is looking to reference a nested sequence, when I try and link the media I am unable to point towards the new HD sequence.


      Anyone got any suggestions please?  - I don't want to have to manually go through every edit and match 1500  shots