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    new version Director 2007

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      Just read it at www.directoratnight.com. Tom Higgins posted a message that a new version of Director is coming for 2007!!

      Thank you Adobe!

      Now, you really got us curious, how about an official newsflash with some more details of all the goodies?!?
      Read the message at this blog.
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          Don't get too excited, this could be nothing more then another marketing ploy....
          If this "new" version doesn’t support Unicode
          doesn't have a functional text engine
          doesn’t have a proper string class
          doesn’t support multi-threading
          has an actual UNDO method (ya know, like 96.9% of all commercial software)
          AND …

          Well I could go on, the above items have been requested for over 6 years and none of them have ever been addressed.
          Maybe Adobe is going to do it right this time or milk this Multimedia Cow till it’s udders turn to dust.

          my .05 cents

          we shall see….
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            I highly doubt Director will ever become threaded as far as Lingo is

            And an update to the 3D xtra is likely the most requested feature these

            Dave -
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