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    Premiere does not playback video on CUDA enabled 2012 MBP


      I've installed the latest CUDA drivers 5.0.37 on my Macbook Pro and when I use the CUDA enhanced GPU playback option, all I get is a black screen.


      I scoured the internet for 2 days to figure out how to fix it because using software only mode makes premiere pretty much unresponsive at every click.


      I tried reinstalling the drivers, reinstalling After Effects, and even installing older drivers (5.0.24). Nothing seems to work.


      Has anyone run into this issue?


      (After effects also seems to have just as many problems, and I get the Raytrace3d shader failed to compile error when I try to launch that. But, googling for that didn't seem to result in any solutions either)



      OS X 10.8.2

      2012 MBP 15" (non retina

      2.6 ghz

      1GB GT 650M

      16 GB RAM