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    Panasonic P2 mxf files questions - what sequence and export settings?




      I have recorded a lot of homevideos with the Panasonic P2 HPX171. I havn't edited those videos yet. The materials are copied from the P2 card to my computer. My record settings are 720p 25fps DVCPROHD. I use Premiere CS6 for editing.


      I have a few questions working with the P2 files:
      what Premiere preset to use?

      Premiere has DVCPROHD presets for 24, 50, 60 fps. There isn't a preset for 25 fps. For now I just have drag and dropped the files into the "New item" icon. It creates a sequence with the files settings. Is this the right way?


      What export settings to use?


      I would like to export the videos in a file format so I could edit them after words. What would be the codecs/export settings for this? When I use "Match sequece settings" in the export settings it exports it back to mxf.


      Happy holidays,