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    Failed to Generate Log


      I've been using RoboHelp 6 HTML for the padt 5 years to generate FlashHelp that is published to a local server.


      Lately, when trying to Generate, I've been getting the following message:


      "Error: Failed to read from log "Server Name"\Misys Help. log" - Misys Help is the name of the project


      Can anyone tell me what is causing this error or how to fix? I tried restoring the file from backups, but that didn't seem to correct the issue.


      Also, was wondering whether the server or application generate this log? 

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To diagnose the issue – try taking apart the procedure: generate the help to a local drive & see if it gets any error messages; then copy/ftp it up to your webserver & try it there. If you’re not getting any errors with these two individual actions, then the issue must lie in the RH publishing. Check those settings to see if something has changed.


          The other mode is to try a sample project and see if it gets the same error messages – if it does then it’s probably something to do with your settings/environment; if it doesn’t, then it’s something to do with your project.