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    Help! Can't get sound to stop looping

    gridirect Level 1
      I am new to flash. I have created a banner and when you mouse over the banner I have a MP3 sound file play. It was created as a motion clip placed on the "over" state of an invisible button. In the properties box it is set to "repeat" NOT "Loop" and I tried typing in "0" as well as "1" after "repeat". Also at the end of the movie clip I clicked on the last frame went to "behavior" and selected "stop sound". I can't figure out what else to do. When I try it it still repeats. I am on a Mac G5 OSX 10.3.9 Using Flash MX2004 (7.0.1) Anybody know what I am doing wrong?

      Laura Farrell
        • 1. Help! Can't get sound to stop looping
          When a timeline gets to the last frame, by default, it will jump back to the beginning and start playing over again. Forgive me if you knew this already. It sounds to me like this is what's happening with your movie clip. When you mouse over, the movie clip starts playing and never stops. You have to actually tell it to stop. You told the sound to stop at the end frame, which is fine, but then it jumps back to frame 1 and starts playing again. I could be wrong here, but this is what is sounds like to me.

          If this is the case, go to the end frame, open the actions panel, and underneath the script that is telling the sound to stop, place the following script:


          That will stop the timeline. If you do this, however, your sound will only play once, ever. To fix this problem, in the button timeline, go to the frame that your movie clip appears in, select the frame, open the actions panel, and place the following script:


          then, in the stage area, select the movie clip, open the properties panel, and in the <instance name> field, type the following:


          that should do it if I have assessed the situation correctly and haven't forgotten anything in the solution.

          Hope that works for ya. Let me know if it does.