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    Library restoration after new installation - what is with time-elapsed books




      i have renewed my Windows7-installation and though i had to install ADE1.7.

      all was run well and i got a new, empty ADE-library.

      activation with AdobeID was successful.

      then i imported my old eBooks with the library-import-function (like http://forums.adobe.com/message/2028882#2028882); all runs fine, but only the not-time-elapsed books were imported with front-cover, metadata, etc. the elapsed books (from my public library) were imported, but not indexed (probably because ADE couldn't open it).


      how can i get back the index data from these books? yes, i know, these books are elapsed, but i want the metadata back into my library for management issues: when i read what book, author, title, pagecount, publisher, etc.