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    Flash player skips to a green screen when fast forwarding video OSX 10.8.2


      Right so I have searched the forum and found a few threads about flash videos generally being a green screen, but nothing there helped my problem, nor did it seem similar. I have a 15" MacbookPro Retina running OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2, my flash player is up to date, and so are my graphics drivers.


      My problem is whenever I view a flash video, and I want to click ahead to a later point (i.e skip some of the video) then all I get is either a completely green screen or just pink and green noisy rubbish and nonsense video artefacts. The sound however continues to play fine from the point that I have skipped to. And also this happens regardless of the buffering of the video, If it is all fully buffered it still goes rubbishy as soon as I click ahead to skip, but if I just let videos play through they are fine to the end. html5 video plays fine, everything else on my system works flawlessly.


      I read in a load of posts that i should disable hardware acceleration. But I can't, as my flash player is also suffering from the apparently well known bug where the right click settings menu is totally unresponsive to mouse input.


      I'm stuck for what to do next and any help would be greatly appreciated.