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    Why Won't JPG's open up in CS6 since last update?

    Dakota Wind Level 1

      I'm on the latest version of CS6 and since the last update (7.3) I've noticed that the JPG's won't open up without going through ACR first.  I don't have the box checked in Preferences that states that JPG's can open up with a double click in ACR.  If I want a JPG to open up in ACR, I right mouse click and choose ACR.  The only way to get a photo to open up in PS without going through ACR first is to have it as a PSD.  It doesn't matter where the photo comes from for this to happen.


      I have been scanning in a lot of old snap shots and when I click on the scanned photo that needs to go through the Automate to separate and straighten, I have to go through ACR first, then open it in PS, do the automations and save as a PSD.  Then I can do the rest of the restorations in PS.


      Anyone else have this issue.  These old photos don't need to be 30-100 mg and be saved as PSD's.  JPG's are just fine.  This didn't happen until the last update.  I'm on an iMac with plenty of storage space and RAM memory


      Thanks,  Sue