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    Ask For Help On Improving the Features?


      Hi, Everyone.

      I am a flash developer. I am recently working on a web based flashbuilder project.

      I met some problems in terms of improving the features.

      In our project we need to show lots of text comments are overlaid directly onto the video. There might be tens of comments scrolling from right to left or pined over the video area at the same time for several seconds as the playing time goes.

      My current implementation and environment are as following:

      Flashbuilder sdk 4.5.1, spark framework.

      A control spark.components.VideoPlayer, and a control spark.components.Group over it as a container for all comments.

      Accordingly, a spark.components.BorderContainer is created for each comment, in which a Label is placed to show a comment. And the comment display lifetime is determined by the string length of the comment text. The longer the comment, the faster it moves, which enables the users to create dynamic effects by submitting comments of various length.


      Here we meet a problem, the moving of comments is not fluent if the total pixels occupied by the comments is large. It seems it lags, and the CPU usage is 100%.


      Did I use the controls correctly?

      And would you please give me some advice on improving this feature.


      Thanks very much