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    Job: fireworks looking like filmposters for interactive season greetings card

    Thomas Jörg

      I don't know if this is the right place to post this. But as it is very difficult to find good designers who are also html5 cracks I allow myself to post this here: We are looking for somebody who can create a very special online seasons greetings card. We imagine something like a website where you see a sky (or just black). If you click, some fireworks pop up. The fireworks show pictures of filmcovers (our customers are film distributors). It could be the whole covers (you can find a few here: http://diagonal.com/transfer/covers.zip) or also just some parts out of these posters or the films they belong to. The people who see this usually know these posters very well. We welcome solutions which are created completely in html5. The card should work in IE9, Firefox, Chrome. Surprise us. If we really like it we pay a bonus or even extend the mandate. To convince us to hire you it is best to send us some simple draft image illustrating your suggested approach. Contact: thj@diagonal.com