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    How to improve calibration results?




      I've been using Spyder Pro 3 to calibrate my laptop (a Samsung Chronos 7 with a fairly good screen).


      Here's the thing, the screen was clearly too blue with out-of-factory settings, but then Spyder warmed it too much. It's better after calibration than before, but the result still feels very inaccurate.


      Is there a way for me to improve the calibration by modifying the basic parameters (e.g. Gamma, Temperature etc.)? The default gamma setting in Spyder is 2.2 but I've noticed my screen setting is 1.0. I've tried to move it up to 1.8 and recalibrate with Spyder set at 1.8. The result is worse than before, so I must have done something wrong.


      Any help appreciated!