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    Why does trial message come up after 6 months?

    greyhoundrick Level 1

      Hello everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


      Had something happen last night that i have not seen before......


      I was opening up Photoshop CS6 as per normal and all of a sudden an Adobe icon appeared on my dock and it opened up asking me if i wanted to start my "trial" of Photoshop CS6 Extended version (which i already have and have been using for 6 months!)


      I didnt know what to do so i just ignored it


      After that the next time i opened Photoshop i received a message saying that i had 30 days left on my "trial"


      Now, very confused, i didnt know what to think or do so i decided to hit the "Buy" button. After i hit the "Buy" button i was asked to put in my serial number which i looked up and then put in the spaces provided.


      Now i am back to normal and using Photoshop as i was before, but still confused as to what happened (???)


      Have you ever heard of this type of thing before and if so do you know what happened?


      Thanks so much for your help and my best wishes to you for a wonderful Holiday season! :-)


      take care,