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    Help ! I can't read my old ebooks on my new kobo glo !


      Please help ...


      I am the owner of two readers : an old Sony PRS650 and a freshly purchased KoboGlo. I have never had any problem with my Sony. I used Reader Library to manage the books I had purchased with Adobe DRM. The device was authorized with a gmail address, as was my computer.

      autorisation ADE Reader anonyme.jpg

      But it seems that this software can't recognize my Kobo. Thus, I installed ADE 2.0. And it says my computer is authorized without ID. I can read purchased ebooks on the computer, but I can't upload these to my Kobo Device. I can't either authorize my Kobo ...


      erreur autorisation ADE.JPG

      What should I do to be able to read my purchased ebooks on my new device ?


      More, I need to use my two readers since I have given my Sony to my 11 years old daughter (which means I'll buy her books from my computer with my ID ... ).


      All this is driving me nuts and ruining our Christmas ... Will anybody find a solution ????


      PS : Sorry for my poor english ...