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    Text Frame with Formatted Heading


      I am working on a brochure that contains a number of short sections that focus on one specific topic. This is what I would like to do: for each section I want to set up a separate text frame, each with a formatted heading, like this screenshot:


      I have tried several approaches to this, but none hass given me the kind of control that I am looking for. In the example above, I inserted a blank paragraph before the text and then pasted in the blue formated text frame. I got the look that I am after, but I cannot seem to be able to control the spacing between the blue heading and the following paragraph. I originally tried putting the blue frame above the paragraph text frame, but the only way that I could keep them together was to group them, and that did not really work to my satisfation. One thing that I have not tried yet is to anchor the blue frame into the paragraph frame.


      Does anybody have any good solution to this?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I think anchoring the frame is probably the way to go. You'll need to put the heading into the anchored frame, and place the anchor into an empty paragraph to get it to work correctly, however -- anchored objects are in front of the text. You can add text wrap to the anchored frame to be sure it pushes the following text down, if necessary, but it probably will not be. Text wrap applied to an anchored object does not affect text before the anchor (nor in the same line as the anchor if it is custom positioned). Space after the paragraph should be enough to control the spacing, and you'll want a keep option to keep it with the following text. That can be part of the paragraph style applied to the empty paragraph in which you place the anchored frame. Use a differnt style for the heading text itself so you can include it in your TOC.

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            MichaelGoof Level 1

            You are SO right, big time! The frame anchor works like a charm, and it even has a number of unexpected benefits as well:

            1. It gives me total control over the exact placement of the anchored object. Once I anchor it in, I can use the arrow keys to precisely position it where it looks good.
            2. Once I have it looking perfect, I can save the anchor settings in the object style, and it automatically positions all the other instances in the same exact position.
            3. I can also anchor the pull quote frames to the same point, keeping everything consistent and managable throughout the document.
            4. I can move the anchored pull quote frames around, and because I have the text wrap set up in the style, the text just flows around the frame quite nicely.
            5. I no longer need to group frames to keep them together; when I move the main text frame around in the document, the anchored frames move along with it, and they maintain the chosen positions.


            So I am definitely sold on using anchors in this scenario. Many thanks for your encouragement!