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    NEC MultiSync PA241W-BK 24" or Hewlett Packard ZR2440w 24.0"

    3bells Level 1

      There is a large price difference in these two monitors. The reviews on both are good, but I am not sure if there would be a great difference in color accuracy. I have the spectraview software and hardware from an older NEC Multisync which I need to replace, and am not sure if it would work with this new one. If not it would greatly increase the price difference. The NEC has a year longer warrantee but a 5 year warrantee can be purhased for the HP. And shortly before my four years ran out on the older monitor, NEC support was not very helpful about a color shift problem that had developed.


      Does anyone have experience with these two monitors and could advise me if the NEC is worth the much higher price for a serious hobbiest in Photoshop?


      Also, I didn't see anything about calibration of the HP. I'm somewhat technically challenged. My spectraview is only for the NEC. I have an older Optipix with Monaco software. Does anyone know about calibrating the HP? It seems as though all monitors of this type could be calibrated, but I don't know for sure. Also I might need to buy another calibration device which would erase some of the price difference if my older Spectraview would work on the new Nec Multisync.


      Thanks for any advice!