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    Please help!


      Hey guys...

      I just got a GoPro Hero 3 black edition in Christmas present.

      I'm new to this world with videos and im also new to Adobe after effects and editing...

      i want to learn how to make good videos and know how to get the best out of this camera.

      I got a problem.. i imported my videos to my computer and i figured out how to play the MP4 files (had some problems) but when i import the videos to Adobe After Effects and i play the movie, it just lag and lag and lag... i searched the web and then i tried to use the "Ram Preview" button (still havent figured out why i should use it). Then it says up in the right corner "Rendering frame: 3767 of 5222" but it will never hit 5222, everytime it just start my movie from the beggining. Please give me all the advice you guys can, as i said im all new to this world and i barely know what frames are... hope you guys can help me, i would be very glad if you could.