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    H.264 BD vs. MPEG2 BD CBR multiplexed issue ?

    joneisele Level 1

      Let me know if you need more information here.  I have a ~12 minute long video made from predominantly 720p source along with some audio tracks, a few stills, etc.  Long story for a different day, but for now I need to export using CBR.    If I export using the H.264 Blu-ray 720p 59.94 CBR multiplexed with the bit rate set to 25to produce a .m2t file the audio is craked up and the playback is laggy, slower than real time.  This occurs on an i7, 32GB, GTX 670, RAID 0 PC as well as natively off a USB flash drive on a Sony BD player.   If I use the same settings / .m2t with the MPEG2 Blu-ray format I have no issue.   Or if I drop the bit rate to 15 (default) on the H.264 it works.   Anyway, is this result to be expected?   Thanks