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      I use to own an older version of Adobe Photo Deluxe, Press Writer, and Print Shop which I just loved using until I had to upgrade my computer to a Windows 7 with a 64 bit system. I have since that time bought Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 10 which I am still trying to get use to as I am pretty computer dumb I am sorry to say.  I have alot of the older software files that I have saved to a memory sticks which is  lots of projects that I made with the old software. I find now that I can not open them and this really worries me as I need them. They are in PDF, PDS,PCP, PPI, file form and I don't know how to get them to open. I hope that someone can please help me with this problem and give me the steps to take in point form and simple terms as I said before I am computer dumb. Thank You for your time and effort. Dave