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    Regd: Issue with Social login and personalization..

    Shankar Arumugam Level 1



      I am trying to integrate social connect into my CQ site. And I have followed the steps as mentioned in the below URL..


      http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/administering/social_collaboration/social_connect.ht ml


      I have completed upto the step "Testing Social Login and connect"...


      As mentioned in this topic ("Testing Social Login and connect"), I'm using "Social connect component" and then i'm just clicking it..It's asking for facebook credentials then.


      After logging into facebook, it displays the information about the created facebook application and i am granting permission as well to access my profile data.


      But after this, the toolbar at the top of the page is not updated to reflect the successful login as said in that topic. I couldn't see that social user profile in the client context also..


      I'm getting the below screen as a response from the facebook....




      Any help on this please.. ???




      Shankar .A