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    iPad and digital editions


      Why can I not download digital editions2.0 onto my iPad 3? It just says safari cannot download this file.

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

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            sjpt Level 4

            ADE (Digital Editions) will not itself run on an iPad.

            You can transfer the files from your ADE (Digital Editions) PC/mac and read them using an eBook reader app on the iPad such as Bluefire.

            ADE is not involved in the transfer to iPad, but you may want it as part of getting the book in the first place.


            Of course, Apple makes it awkward to transfer the files.

            If you go with the Apple flow, you can transfer them with iTunes.

            You can also transfer them with Dropbox or by email.


            If you want library books, you can use the Overdrive app on the iPad and download direct to the iPad, avoiding your pc/mac altogether.

            I expect there are apps from book vendors that let you do that as well.

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              You can email the files to your your iPad Mail as attachments (you can email to your icloud address if you have one).  Then open email, tab on the attachments and you'll get a popup window of all the apps you have on iPad that can open the file. Select Bluefire and you're good to go, no need to mess around with uploading/downloading via iTunes.

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                sjpt Level 4

                Yes, email is the most convenient for some people (as I mentioned).  Dropbox is most convenient for me.

                But if only Apple allowed access to the files from an attached PC/Mac, we could just drag drop in explorer,

                which would be more convenient then iTunes/email/Dropbox for almost everyone.

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                  DDownload google.com for iPad, than try it using use google to download it