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    Premier Pro Display PCA

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      Hi -   I'm a student Cloud subscriber and have just begun using PP/CS6 in class on MACs. Being a student on a tight budget and having an older PC at home to work with, I contacted NVIDIA and asked for their suggestion for a reasonablely priced display card that could do non-linear, real-time PP work. Nothing too fancy as my HP computer is 18 months old. They suggested the Quadro 600 for around $150. What are your thoughts on their suggestion? I'm in a web and interactive media program, so I'm not real sure PP will be an everyday tool, like Dreamweaver and Flash Pro are. But, ya never know about these things. Right now I've got the default NVIDIA 6200SE TurboCache and it just can't keep up.   Thank in advance for your help - its always been "spot-on".  - [personal information removed]


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          We know nothing about your project requirements and that solely dictates this stuff. If you need Mercury playback then all supported cards are listed on the tech specs page for PPro. What's not listed is not supported, it's as easy as that. Outside Mercury, however, PPro still does more conventional playback acceleration with OpenGL and that is usually good enough for a single HDV stream still. If it isn't, most contemporary cards will easily smoke your current card. It doesn't even need to be a Quadro. All that aside, of course video editing has other requirements like reasonably fast harddrives with enough space on them, so in the end, the answer may not be all that easy as going out an just buying a card...



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            nVidia makes the Quadro cards.  They only provide the chips for GeForece cards, which means the card makers get the bulk of the money from the sale of such a card.  So it's no surprise nVidia recommended a card they make themselves.  However, the GeForce cards routinely wipe the floor with Quadro cards in realtime performance.


            Skip the Quadro line and get the best GeForce card you can afford.  Stick to a card with GDDR5 memory, at least 1GB but more is better.  CUDA cores is the other spec you want to look at, more is better.

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              Sharon38D Level 1

              Hi -


              You're talking a lot of money here! I a struggling student, trying to

              better myself, not rebuild the world economy! I was just looking for a

              basic PCIEX16 video card that I could use for one semester with Premier

              Pro. I'm on a web & interactive media track and the video class to just to

              torture us. But we've got to make movies to get the heck out of this class.

              Dreamweaver, Flash and friends aren't as demanding.


              Got any ideas for under say, oh $200-$300? I'm not a working pro yet and

              food is a luxury I kind of enjoy!


              Thanks for the suggestions, though. If I see any on sale, I'll grab one

              real fast, to be sure!


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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  For a PARTIAL comparison of nVidia cards http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/GPU.HTM


                  If you are willing to give up on using CUDA cores, an ATI card costs a lot less


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                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                    I just acquired a GTX 660 3 GB card for $240 after rebate.  This is great card for the money I have another one in another computer.  If you do not have high resolution stills the 2 GB card is fine for HD video