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    How to pass values from text input field to particular column of datagrid in FLEX?

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian Level 1

      Hi friends,


      I am struck in one place when i work with datagrid.i am doing Adobe Air application.my requirement is :


      I have a advance datagrid with 3 columns S.no  labelName and  Text field values, in that S.no and label name i gave as hotcode by array.but i dont know how to give textinput values to a particular column.


      Ex:          S.No      label field           Textinput


                      1              Name



                       2             Address



                      3               State


      Here S.No and Label field column is hot code. my need is if i enter a name ,address and state and click save button means it have to show in Textinput column in datagrid.


      How to do that.looking for useful suggession.