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    I have found a way to copy and open Raw files to Touch!

    OdiugOdiug Level 1

      I don´t know if you know this?

      I search for a way to copy CR2 files into my Camera Roll or direct to the touch app to open it from there via Touch.

      But i find no way for a filetype like this, only with the typical way like with the Camera Adapterset which was very unhandy because you need an original DCIM Folder and conform Names to be visible for the Pad, what where not easy if your files have already i new Name while you Stored it so in generell!

      So now a know an unusual way!

      I simply rename the filetype from CR2 to Tif. The effect is that the ios can read that format and now i can Copy it.

      I copy it via the "FileApp" App! I put it via iTunes into the FileApp App and then i have it on my Pad, then i can move it from the FileApp App to the Camera Roll and from know on i can open it with Touch and can do everything i want!


      Do you have a better or easier way?


      Thanks and Regards