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    multiple video tracks

    Exit code 7?

      Hello All


      Hope you all had a merry Christmas


      I have a question, I have filmed a project with two different cameras, both filmed in the same 25 fps and 720 * 576 widersreen.

      The first hour of the project has been running on the timeline (track video 1) where there are clips from both the video camera, the first hour is finished processed and burned to a DVD and no problem there.


      I create a new sequence where I use multiple clips from one camera on my timeline (track video 2 - 3) I use the picture only sound comes from the second camera.


      When I have finished examined it, and watch it on my DVD, there are highlights from the clips loaded on the timeline track video 2 and 3 where it looks as if it can not keep up with the movements?

      The first DVD was no problem with that is created in (track video 1) there is quality difference when you work with multiple video tracks?