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    AME Queue .  Keeps locking up (CS5.5)

    PmPhotographic Level 2

      Hi Everyone, and thanks in advance


      I understand a few threads exist on this topic, but, I think I've followed the advice given and am still suffering very irritating failures


      I have an Xeon quad core HP Z400 workstation, Win 7 Pro 64 bit,  with a FX3800 video card, both chosen as they are Adobe Cerified, 12gB RAM, Storage is on a RAID internal disk array.  Tha machine is basically used for Adobe projects only  Production Suite CS5.5, Dreamweaver 6.0


      I am presently trying to create a high number of scenes consisting of a number of windows bmp grabs and microsoft .avi files.  The avi files are sent to a watch folder and then converted to 3 different formats


      I am repeatadly finding the AME simply stops/locks up, leaving me with only the option of closing it through Task Manager.  On restarting AME, the queue then generally carries on to completion


      I have disabled the "Write XMP data" options in both PPRo and AME, I have "Enable Clip to XMP linking" disabled in Pro


      The failure is regular, but inconsistant and can occur during creation of the bmp, the avi, or much less often, the watchfolder versions


      Can anyone offer advice as this is now seriously starting to be a problem given the number of items I am working on.  It's happened twice in a few hours today alone,


      Does this work reliably for anyone?


      Many thanks