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    Paragraph styles changing all text, not just selected text


      Hello, I'm using CS5, InDesign, on a Mac and I'm having a terrible time applying my paragraph styles to the imported Word document. The main issue is when I select the text to apply my paragraph style to, the style is applied to all of the text within the text thread in InDesign. The workaround I have figured out is to go into Word, cut and paste each section out of Word, into a new Word document and make sure to "paste special" and then select "styled text" in Word. I am then able to apply the paragraph styles to the different sections of text when it is imported into InDesign. The only problem is that all of the hyperlinks are stripped out and I now have to go in and set those all by hand. There well over 100 hyperlinks in this ebook. I've spent about 4 hours trying to resolve this. It doesn't seem to be a style conflict when I import the Word document, and I'm making sure no paragraph or character styles are chosen when I bring the text in. I've changed the "next style" options in the paragraph stlyes and that doesn't seem to help either. Could this be a Word issue?