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    Adobe Download Assistant has stopped working (CS6/5 trial)


      Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere but i could really use someone’s help. Also sorry if it's slightly in the wrong forum.


      My operating system is Windows 8


      I've been trying to download the trial version of Premier Pro (CS6) and I am having a problem with the Download assistant as the title suggests. I have attempted to download the file at least 10 times now, the download process bar will get so far (it varies from near the start to the middle or right towards the end of the download). The Download Assistant will then bring up a message saying that the programme has stopped working. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the Download Assistant and have tried restarting my computer various times. I have read some people saying that they think it could possibly be lack of memory however this cannot be my cause as I am installing on a brand new computer with a mass amount of free memory.


      Would fully appreciate any help anybody could give me.


      Thank you