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    Tracking 3D Camera Movement (CS6)


      How can I see the process of solving the camera? The first step shows how many frames are examined, but the second step does not show anything.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure what you mean. After the camera is solved you should see tracking marks. While the camera is solving there is no display of the frames or time remaining. It's not in the software.

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            LucasUijlings Level 1

            Hi Rick, that is just what I mean: while the camera is solving I can not see how long it will take to finish. I hope someone from Adobe reads this, because it is frustrating not being able to see what is happening in the background. There should be something like a monitor to keep track of the progress. As a developer myself, I don't want to accept that "It's not in the software". Adobe seems to be very proud of the fact that the camera tracking is performed in background, so they should add the possibility to see what is going on. Hope you agree.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It would be nice to see but in my workflow I never wait for things like camera tracking. There's too much other stuff to do on a comp while the work is being done.


              One of the biggest problems that people run into with any camera tracking is that they try and track too much at once. If you pre-plan exactly what part of your shot needs tracking the shot is usually very short. I can't remember when I've needed to track more than about 5 seconds using AE's camera tracker. The shorter the shot the more accurate the track.


              If you have a really long tracking shot that you need to track pre-production planning is essential to making sure that you have a shot that will solve. Not every one will. It doesn't take much to foul up a shot for tracking. AE's camera tracker is designed to put stationary objects in a scene with a moving camera and it works very well for that but it's not suited to following someone through traffic or down a busy sidewalk. You'll need other tools.