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    Finding serial number ?


      Hi - I have recently purchased a sealed/boxed copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 & Adobe Premiere Elements 10 at a public auction (not ebay). Trying to install software but can't find the serial number(s) ?. Not on CD case cover, or in any of the other paperwork that I can find ?. Only serial numbers appear to be those on the box - can anyone help please ?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What happens if you use the “serial numbers…on the box”?  Is what is on the box a redemption code?  I am only familiar with how Best Buy does things, and there, they scan a barcode on the box at the cash register that presumably tells Adobe they have sold that particular box of software, and then when you get home you go to a website that is specified on a peel-off label on the box and type in the revealed redemption code and then you get a serial number to install with.  If you bought something at a public auction there’s no way they can scan the initial barcode to tell Adobe the software has been sold so you may be out of luck if the same process is used.

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            peteturner1959 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. The box has a "PN" number, and 2 bar codes - all say "invalid serial number"


            I am sure this is a valid copy as I purchased it froom a reputable Auction House (Wellers Auctions in Chertsey UK) as bankrupt stock. Box was sealed, has the hologram and proof of purchase tabs. The DVD case cover has no licence key, nor does any of the other paperwork.


            The auction described the lot as "


                   ELEMENTS 10 SOFTWARE PACK"


            So does this mean I have just wasted £30 ?


            Why don't Adobe just provide a licence key with the DVDs  ?


            Is there anything I can do ?