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    hyperlinks from Word




      I'm importing a lot of Word files into InDesign CS5, on a Mac, and some of the hyperlinks come in fine while others don't show up at all. I noticed that a list generates in the hyperlinks box of the links that don't come in but the list is really long. At least 50 hyperlinks to go into to find the correct one. Is there something I am doing wrong that these links aren't all coming through?

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          Mary Posner Level 3

          When you say they "don't show up," do you mean they aren't blue and underlined? That's entirely possible if you didn't bring in the Word styles when you placed the text. And I'm not suggesting that you should, just that that's a possible cause.


          But if they're showing up in the Hyperlinks panel, they should still be working hyperlinks, assuming that they were working in Word before the import. If you select one of them in your text, you'll see the corresponding link highlight in the Hyperlinks panel. And if you select one in the Hyperlinks panel, click on the triangle in the upper right corner of the panel and select Go To Source, it'll highlight the text for that link  in your document. You can select all the links in the Hyperlinks panel, go to the triangle menu and select Hyperlink Options, and apply a character style to them all at once to make them stand out however you want from the rest of your text.