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    Removing Offset from Chromeless Windows

    l33tian Level 1

      Hello All


      I know the subject of chromeless windows for AIR has been discussed time and time on this forum but i have not found a single case where my problem has been discussed. I understand how chromeless AIR windows work and i have done quite a few in the past, but there has always been one untackled issue waiting to be solved and that is how to get offsets around the window away.


      Most windows are just stripped of its chrome and left to appear flat while some people like to add filter effects such as dropshadow or glow filters while setting the backgroundAlpha to 0. Without this offset, the filters will not work as expected because the window area will clip out the filter region making it look like the filter wasnt applied. Now when this window is maximized, thats where the problem starts as the window region doesnt completely cover the whole screen area. This is obviously because the surrounding offset has been reserved for the filters. In my case, as offsets, i put a 20 pixel padding around the WindowedApplication container itself using the layout tag like so


               <s:VerticalLayout paddingBottom="20" paddingLeft="20" paddingRight="20" paddingTop="20"/>



      I created a custom caption component that holds my close, minimise and maximise/restore buttons. i just dont know how to kill the padding everytime the window is maximised so as to get the whole window to expand through out the screen area.


      Anyone with ideas?