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    Exporting 1440 Sequence


      What is a good export setting for a 1440x1080 sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 for the web? 

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          shooternz Level 6

          Take a look at the H264 Youtube Setting ( Preset)


          It will probably be 1920 x 1080 but all that is doing is making your rectangular (1440) pixels square. Check that it looks right in the Output Tab of the Media encoder.

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            bsusda1 Level 1

            Thanks for the info.  BTW is there any benefit running an exported 1440 mp4 sequence through Sorenson Squeeze’s You Tube exports or is Premier Pro good enough?

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Premiere Pro's YouTube export preset does an excellent job.

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                SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

                As not too many people can get the full benefit of viewing a 1920x1080 stream anyway, I use the YouTube 720p preset in AME.





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                  Snemanje poroke Level 1

                  My test showed that no HDV camera with interlaced chip (1440 they are all interlaced) show any benefit if uploaded 1080.

                  I have 2 excelent Canon XHA1s camcorders. They sport about 700-800 lines. Exporting in fullHD is just stretching that 700 lines to 1080 and 1440 lines to 1920.


                  On Youtube or Vimeo I did not see any resolution difference in final (reencoded) video, if exported to 720 or 1080. The only difference was that PREMIERE (CS4) did not do excelent job for scaling. Now with CS6 and maximum render quality it does good enough job. But it is very slow, so I still use different (longer, but faster) way of doing.


                  - export from Premiere in native resolution to some frame based codec (I use Cineform). That is 1440x1080i 25 for my HDV camera.

                  - than I compress that with x264 (staxrip) on some very slow preset, deinterlace and scale.

                  - results are 30% smaller than directly from Premiere, at great visual quality.


                  Thats for uploading to Vimeo or Youtube.


                  For Blueray I put 1080i 25 on it, because modern LCD TV (I have Samsung) have superb deinterlace filters built in, which actually rebuild 50p out of the footage. Footage is super smooth and with all possible resolution.


                  If I do interwiev or any show that does have moderate amount of movement, I would use incemera F mode, which give me great 25p look. It is the most compatible and fast way to export in many different formats: DVD, Vimeo, Youtube, Blueray, etc...