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    Positioning a Dynamically Created Symbol


      I'd first like to thank the Staff here for making a truly brilliant tool. Now the query.


      When I first create a symbol dynamically with the following code, it is positioned absolutely in the top left of the Stage.


      AdobeEdge.getComposition('EDGE-meowMeow').getStage().createChildSymbol('Meow', 'Stage');


      All well and good. Now...


      When I do this a SECOND time, it is positioned directly below the first AS IF it had a CSS declaration something like the following:


      { top : (symbolHeight) }


      But it does NOT have such a declaration. Instead, the computed CSS (as shown in Firebug & Chrome Dev Tools) for the second symbol is exactly the same as the first.


      So I ask you, how is this second Symbol positioned so? And what's the best practice for me moving it around through external JS?


      Thanks again!