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    Audio sync drift issues within Premiere Pro CS6, even with 48kHz project & source material?


      Evening guys and Merry Christmas to those who follow the tradition. I'm currently doing a few last minute tweaks to a live dance show that I recently shot. The show featured music that was recorded in camera (via additional mic) from the speaker setup within the theatre. This was always intended as a guide track as the original music would then be synced in the edit to give a cleaner sound to the audio during the dance sequences. I have the original CD that the music was played from on the night, however when the files are imported into Premiere Pro (or even Audition), they sync for the first 10 seconds or so and then gradually drift out of sync as the track goes on.


      My project is set to 48.000 audio, which was what the original footage was shot at, as well as the audio tracks being imported as 48.000 too. Now on paper there should not be any issues with this sync drift occuring right? I've even tried with 44.100 audio files and naturally they drift out of sync.


      At a loss here really as I'm not sure where i'm going wrong. Can anyone shed any light on this situation please?