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    FileReference Image doesn't refresh

      I have a flash file which uploads an image, calls a php script to (which stores several various resized copies of the image in different directories), and then downloads the smallest resized image for the user to see.

      The upload works fine and I have verified that the PHP file does everything I expect, the right files get created, resized, etc. The download also seems to complete successfully with no error handlers triggered.

      BUT, the imagePane shows the "sorry, error downloading file" message. If I refresh the browser the image shows up as expected.

      One thing I was wondering: Does onComplete get called right after the PHP script is called, or after the PHP script is finished executing? Is it possible my upload.php script isn't finished before onComplete gets called and I try to download the image? If this is the case, how can I make Flash wait for my PHP file to finish executing?

      Thanks very much to anyone who is kind enough to help me solve this one. -jheske