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    How to make CQ redirect to touch.html for mobile pages




      I have created a mobile template and few simple pages based on it. This template points to a component which extends 'wcm/mobile/components/page'.


      Now, the page works fine in the 'Author' mode, but after publishing, double clicking on the page from the siteAdmin does not automatically redirect to a url ends with .touch.html. I have to manually type in the '.touch' bit to make it work. As I navigate through the site, i.e., clicking on the breadcrumb, or links to other pages, I constantly get 500 server errors as the redirect to .touch.html is not working. I have to type '.touch' each time to force redirect.


      I am wondering how to make the redirect to .touch.html (or the mapping) to work in PUBLISH? Because according to the CQ documentation it seems the only thing required is to set the base template to extend the mobile page component which is 'wcm/mobile/components/page'. Are there any other things I must do to make this happen?