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    Trying to find the best FP for a Mac Power PC

    JimSned Level 1

      My dad has a Mac with OS 10.4.11.  It's an 800 MHz Power PC G4 with 768 MB of memory SDRAM.  His current version of Flash Player hardly works (video comes out as single images every few seconds) so we want to update it so he can watch You Tube and the like.   We went to the page to install a new version that would work with OS 10.4 and received an error saying that that version of FP cannot be installed because Power PCs are no longer supported.


      I then found what looks to be the right version:   But when I tried to download it, it gave me a folder full of icons with weird tags-- .qz, .zip, .bz2, .exe, which I don't understand.


      Can someone lead us in the right direction?  We use Safari as our browser (it's version 4.0.4--kinda old, I think--could that have something to do with it?).  We just want the best version of FP that will work with this set-up.  if is the best, how do I get it to work once I press "download"?  Thanks.