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    How do I install a camera profile into CS2 raw converter


      I recently purchased a ColorChecker Passport and along with the software, created a camera profile for my Olympus E-300. The CCP software crated a camera profile that was duly placed into the c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\adobe\cameraraw\cameraprofile\olumpus e-300 Directory. When I open an olympus ORF raw file from cs2 or bridge, and select the calibrate tab the only thing that is available in the camera calibrate box is ACR 2.4. Clicking the drop down arrow doesn't show anything else.

      I have turned off colormanagement in photoshop.



      Can anybody tell me how I can get photo shop to recognize the new camera profile?


      I have tried restarting photoshop and Bridge after the DCp file was added to teh directory.

      ACR verssion 3.7(?)

      OS is windows home 64

      8 gigs of ram

      Photoshop cs2 version 9.0.1

      adobe bridge cs2 version


      I have also performed the same tasks on photoshop cs3 on my work computer with the same results.