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    Having challenges installing Digital Editions 2.0 and having the program initialize correctly.


      I need to install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) 2.0 so I can download books for my daughter's Nook from our local library. 


      I have tried installing ADE 2.0 way too many times to absolutely no avail.  After downloading the ADE 2.0 install program, I have tried installing with Norton virus and firewall software turned off, turned on, restarting my computer after an ADE 2.0 install attempts with virus protection off and on, and everytime I have tried to do anything with the supposedly installed ADE 2.0, it crashes and Microsoft opens its error mesaging window because ADE 2.0 has encountered a problem. 


      On a couple times I have also received this error message:


      Digital Editions.exe - Application Error Instructions at "0x8514c483" referenced memory at "0x8514c483".  The memory could not be "read".  Click "ok" to terminate the program.


      I have also re-downloaded the install program numerous times under different anti virus software operating scenarios (software enabled/disabled, etc), and everytime after the installation is complete, the program crashes.  Each time an install attempt failed, I uninstalled the program and went through a full ADE 2.0 install.  Sometimes still using the same install program and also after re-downloading the ADE 2.0 install program.  Everything I have tried has failed.


      I am also using an older Windows XP PC, but despite being a relatively older computer, this install and initialization challenge should not be occurring. 


      Short of finding a copy of the ADE 1.7 version and seeing if that will work (was suggested by user sjgt when replying to a post by su-anster on 26 Dec at 0358), does anyone have any suggestions?  This should not be such a challenge.  Thx

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

          There are compatibility issues going on between NOOK and ADE 2.0 and we are trying to fix it. MAy i know the specification of your NOOK like its make and model?

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            ColoradoReader215 Level 1

            I just happened to come across a similar problem with my mother's new Nook HD for her books she checks out through the library. However, we did find that B&N has available through their site free apps for both libraries that use Overdrive Media Console as well as libraries that use the 3M Cloud Library. All you need to do is download these free apps to be able to directly download from your library's site into your Nook.


            Overdrive Media Console: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/overdrive-media-console-overdrive-inc/1113021293


            3M Cloud Library: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/3m-cloud-library-3m-company/1113021300


            Once you have downloaded the correct app for your local library you can access the app in with all of your other apps. Within the app it's self is where you can find your library books. My mother was so excited to find out we could do this. She is good with a computer but it takes her a few times to learn how to do the file transfers/drag&drop so for a direct download to be available is a really big relief to her not having to learn something new and complicated.


            I hope this helps & wish you and your family the best.

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              Jess97007 Level 1

              Thanks for our reply.  I already have installed Overdrive Media Console

              without any challenge.  What I have ended up doing as a quick fix is I

              located and downloaded the ADE 1.7 version and after doing so, everything is

              working fine.  Obviously I am not using Adobe's latest and greatest ADE 2.0

              version with whatever associated bells and whistles, but ADE 1.7 is doing

              what I need to do to and that is allow me to download Adobe Epub files from

              our local library and to create an interface to my daughter's Nook.  If

              using the 3M Cloud app provides some greater functionality I might try that

              as well, but my problem is not connectivity with my daughter's Nook.  It is

              ADE 2.0 not installing and initializing on my computer.  I never got to the

              point of trying to download files because ADE 2.0 was constantly crashing

              when I opened the supposedly, correctly installed program. 




              Jess Brown


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