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    How long can a 3D layer be in the video timeline?


      Dear Users,


      I've been making webcomics and trailers using the animaiton pallete in CS4. I just upgraded to CS6 and am really excited about the ability to animate 3D objects in CD6. You can see two short demos here: http://youtu.be/a-L8FYAoaUk and here: http://youtu.be/4FPLL_7TMk4


      My issues is that in CS4, I could make my animations as long as I wanted. There was a flyout menu that would let you input the length of the animation. In CS6 that has been replaced with the drag-out-the-layer-to-the-length-you-want interface (of which I'm not a fan). In doing this I noticed that my 3D layers can only be 10 seconds long, I can't drag them further into the timeline, even when my animaiton is 20 or 30 seconds. This is very frustrating. I've looked at the 3D options in preferences and all I can think is there I have maxed out my RAM. Is 10 seconds the max that photoshop can animate a 3D layer, or am I missing something?