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    New laptop workstation for time lapse editing


      Hello all,


      I'm in the process of buying a new custom laptop, and I seek your inputs regarding the specs,


      • The laptop will be based on the Clevo P370EM chassis, a pretty robust machine.
      • 17.3" Full HD (1920x1080) Glossy 90% NTSC Color Gamut LED Backlit LCD, since I will be on-the-move most of the time
        Plus I want a recommendation for a stationary, Full color scale display for stationary usage. And I plan to calibrate all this using the Spyder4 tool.
      • Intel Core i7-3840QM 2.8GHz, 8M L3 Cache, 22nm, DDR3-1600MHz, Quad-Core Mobile Processor
      • 32GB (4 x 8GB) , PC3-12800, 1600MHz SODIMM
      • NVIDIA 680M 4096MB GDDR5 DX11 Compliant Video Card, I was flirting with the idea of getting the Quadro K5000M, but after a little research decided to go with the GTX. And CS6 does not support SLi so that's a pass too. Yet, still open for inputs.
      • Crucial m4 128GB mSATA Solid State Drive
      • Intel 240GB 520 Series SATA III 6Gb/s Solid State Drive Sandforce Powered, I read somewhere that Sandforce drivers are bad, any clarification on this one? This hard drive will be the primary one, for the OS and Software. Not a Brand-dedicated user, but I want something that lasts, I'm not looking for something that fails every now n then.
      • 750GB 7200 16MB Cache SATA Notebook Hard Drive, this will be a secondary hard drive for general files and probably small projects. I tend to save each project on its own hard drive, so I guess 750 will be enough for my own entertainment.
      • The machine will be running windows 8 ultimate/7 ultimate, 64-bit.


      This is my build so far, I'm still open for any suggestions.


      My main usage is lightroom since I'm a photographer, but due to my inclination to time-lapses I will definitely use photoshop for batch processing about a 1000 hi-res photographs, then export to Premier to stitch it up, and probably will end up in After-Effect for Simple 3D work.


      Thanks for reading and passing by,


      Hazaa3 =)